May 8, 2016



A good way to ensure you are getting the most out of your IT systems is to have a consultation from an independent IT consultant.

Technology today of advancing at an astonishing rate and you can find yourself confused about which technology best suites you needs and why you might prefer one solution over another. This is when you could really do with a friendly chat with someone who can help you understand the technologies out their and how they can assist your business to grow and develop.

promo At Olstan we offers you an obligation free IT consultation, to help you to see the wood from the trees. Why not contact us today to arrange yours.

We are happy to attend your office(s) and perform a quick review of your current IT equipment and software, we then sit down and discuss your business so we can understand what you are working with and what you are trying to achieve.

All we ask is for your time!

The sort of things we can talk to you about are:

Are you using the right technology at your desktop (where productivity counts)
Can you make more use of Internet based services – in ‘the Cloud’ if you prefer?
Are you using any outdated technology that poses a risk to the business?
Are you over-complicating things?
Are you missing an opportunity to use something new that will make a difference?
Are you paying too much for what you have?
Do you need more or less internal IT resource?

At Olstan we are lucky enough to work with a divers group of customers, all with vastly different challenges and needs. So we get to see how different solutions can benefit different business in many ways to achieve business advantage. Most of all, we understand that good IT decisions are less about what you have than about how you use it.

After the meeting we will provide you with a summary paper that recaps on our conversation and offers you some advice and direction. And if you need us to produce quotes, help you model your budgets or arrange evaluations, we would be more than happy to do so.

If you’re interested in this free IT consultancy, simply complete the form below or contact us on the number at the bottom of the page. Tell us a little about what you need and one of our agents will get back to you to arrange a meet at your convenience.

Thank you for contacting Olstan Ltd.