May 9, 2016

IT Consultancy

There’s no escaping it. Technology is a necessity in today’s business, and critical to your business success. But how do you find the right IT solution and make it work for you? Having a leading IT consulting firm to help you is the key to better IT management.

Our Consultancy Services assist organizations by providing expert resources on a long or short term basis. Olstan experts develop an understanding of your specific needs and provide the right level of project management and technical resources to fulfil them.

engineeringOlstan’s IT Consultancy Services are Time & Materials based options that provide one-on-one engagements focused on a customized set of deliverables specific to the needs of our customers. Olstan performs a needs assessment with the client prior to engaging this service and delivers a unique Statement of Work (SOW) to identify and define the client’s specific issues, priorities, tasks, project duration, and costs.

These engagements can be for as little as ½ day or, for larger multiple day or multiple phase projects. Upon acceptance of the SOW, Our consultants will conduct the services defined in the SOW either remotely or on-site as required (3 consecutive days minimum for on-site).

Olstan delivers professionals with industry recognised skills to address an array of client needs in a range of specialized areas. Through these engagements, Olstan and the client discuss topics, problems & solutions relevant to the project.

IT Consultancy Services at a glance:

Business & Technical Goal Development
IT Service Delivery Strategy & Planning
Best Practice Development and Implementation
Operational & Management Method Reviews
Implementation and Deployment
Infrastructure and Resource Assessment
System Installation and Configuration
Product Features Discussion and Set-Up
Automation Development and Testing
Third Party Integration
Transitional Assistance and Migration

Implementation: Accelerate Your Project Deployment

Olstan can assist organizations in the configuration, set up and deployment of the chosen solution. Driven by client needs, Olstan utilizes a proven implementation and deployment methodology to deliver a solid, best practice based, fully operational, and highly functional solution that can be deployed across the entire IT infrastructure.

In concentrated sessions, Olstan installs, configures and reviews the core solution features with the client. The choice of time required is based on the level of complexity behind the specific use case and involvement the customer requires from Olstan.

Standard Implementation focuses on the out-of-the-box best practices system set-up and configuration. Advance Implementations take a more customized approach starting with in-depth requirements gathering session evaluating service delivery methods, infrastructure needs and operating goals. A specialized implementation plan is created and executed to meet the specific requirements.

Implementation Services:

Basic Installation and Configuration
Business and Technical Goal Setting
Detailed Core Feature Review
Deployment Planning and Execution
Customization and Documentation
Agent Configuration & Deployment

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