May 9, 2016

Cabling & Fibre Optics

connectorsOlstan can assist you with advice and installation of data cables, whether copper based or Fibre Optic.

The main consideration when installing copper cabling has traditionally been Category 5e installations. For clients who are looking to future proof their networks then they may want to look at Category 6.

Spring 2008 saw a ratification of a cabling standard that offers a 10 fold increase in performance over Category 6, supporting 10 Gigabits per second over 100m. It’s called Augmented Category 6, or more commonly known as Category 6a.

Category 6a cabling systems terminate using familiar RJ45 sockets and provide an even more future proofed option for a copper-cabling infrastructure than Category 5e or Category 6.

Of course with higher performance come higher costs. We would be more than happy to provide exact costs for each option of your installation so you can weigh up the cost versus benefits for yourself.

Many networks use Fibre Optics for their backbone or long haul to connect separate buildings across sites. Our installers are proficient at installing both light and dark Fibre Optics. There are many benefits to using Fibre Optics within your network as the performance and reliability can greatly improve on traditional copper network installations.
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