May 9, 2016

Business Continuity

What happens if your office catches fire or floods?

What would happen if your server was stolen?

How would you work without your computer systems and, more importantly, the data that was on them?

continuity2Business Continuity Management is there to provide you with the tools to prevent disaster and if the worst does happen it gives you the ability to recovery your critical systems in a timely fashion. It embraces the entire  organisation and provides a planned and controlled method of anticipating and responding to events that are likely to interrupt key business activities.

Organisations that have a business continuity capability are far more likely to survive the effects of a major incident than those that don’t.

The statistics speak for themselves: “70% of business that suffers a major data loss are out of business within 18 months”, DTI

Such events could have an impact on the survival of your business. If you’re unable to satisfy your customers’ needs then how confident are you that they will wait for you to recover. What might the effects be of a major utilities failure such as loss of power or the effects of severe weather conditions or flooding? What if your neighbours’ building suffered a major fire that resulted in you having no access to your offices for days, possibly weeks?

Olstan can provide advice and guidance on how to create your business continuity plan. We will then work with you to refine the processes involved to ensure that they are always up to date and will enable your business to quickly recover from an unplanned event.

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