How File Sharing Can Transform Your Business

Business owners have a lot to think about when it comes to managing the administrative details of their company. One such concerns involves the storing and sharing of files that are essential to business operations. In many cases, particularly with small businesses there is a tendency to settle for sharing files through email and thumb-drives. However, when efficiency becomes more of an essential consideration, you may need to start looking at more advanced file-sharing options.

Following are just some of the ways that opting for advanced file sharing solutions that utilise cloud technology can help to transform (and improve) your business.

1. Share Large Files Faster

Attempting to attach a huge file to an email or a thumb-drive with limited storage space is quite a frustrating challenge. Cloud-based file sharing solutions enables the transfer of large amounts of data easily – from heavy video content to extensive written documents. This allows you to avoid the inconvenience of waiting hours to send one or two files.

2. Better Security

Regardless of the size of your business, confidentiality should be a serious concern. Even if you’re turning to file sharing solutions simply as a way to improve efficiency, the security benefits associated with advanced file sharing are also highly beneficial. From the option to send encrypted files, to programs that allow you to control who sees communications, file sharing services provide a range of security services.

3. Implement Mobility

Mobility in the world of business is changing the methods that businesses use to interact with each other. Today, file sharing programs can be easily integrated with smart phones and tablets, thanks to simple web-based apps for sharing and management. This means that you can share a file with a staff member while on route to work on the train, or keep a sick employee involved in the progress of an important sale.

4. Allow Growth

File sharing allows for small businesses to grow and expand easily. With a service in place, companies have the opportunity to quickly get new employees up to speed with business processes, or introduce new partners into a system.

5. Backup Solutions

Finally, most savvy businessmen know that it’s crucial to store important data and files in a different place to ensure there’s always a copy available – even when disaster happens. Cloud-based file sharing often comes with storage solutions where crucial data can be backed up and retrieved in the event of an emergency. In other words, even if you were to accidentally delete a file, you can quickly correct the problem by logging onto your personal file-sharing account.

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